Gate Autos & Under Kits
Motors for sliding gates should fulfill various kind of installations: different weights and sizes of gates, different transit intensity and different weather conditions. TURBO line offers solutions for private, industrial and commercial installations, by offering motors in both 24Vdc and 230Vac, for installations with gates up to 4000Kg. All this line for the automation of sliding gates is characterized by a refined and elegant design, in the versions with mechanical or magnetic limit switches and eventually control unit with slowdown.
Swing Gate Automation
Ghost 200 Kit

The Ghost is an underground electromechanical operator suitable for residential  and commercial swing gate applications. The powerful 400W irreversible motor locks gate firmly against mechanical stops in both open and closed positions. The stop can be located inside the foundation box casing). There is an Emergency manual release system which is used in the event of power failure, It is supplied with one key with each underground box. Also with the underground gate system an 180 degree opening is also possible using item 216. Now with the underground motors they come with 8 metres off cable which cuts out unwanted junction boxes and makes a easier installation so you can wire it direct into control panel.

You can now also get the underground gate system in 24vdc with battery backup and many extra facilities including motor slowing down at end off stroke and anti crush device.

Livi 500 Kit

LIVI 500 connecting-rod system assures a good working and eliminates the strains on the structure of the pillar and the gate. Easy to install it doesn’t need any particular shrewdness. The self-locking gear motor assures the closing of the gate, thus the electric lock is not necessary. The adjustable power of this motor allows its installation on every gate and follows safety rules.

  • Working with connecting-rod/lever system
  • External fitting
  • Grease soaked gear motor
  • Irreversible with release system and reversible.
  • Left and right performance.
Wing 302 Kit
The WING 302 is an electromechanical linear ram suitable for residential swing gates. The powerful 300W irreversible motor locks gate firmly against stops in both open and closed positions, therefore no electric lock is required. Emergency manual key release system, supplied with 2 numbered keys.
OLI 600 Kit
The OLI 602 and 605 are hydraulic linear rams suitable for residential or industrial swing gates. They feature silent operation, are suitable for intensive use, adjustable power setting by means of pressure valves. Irreversible piston locks gate firmly against stops in both open and closed positions, therefore no electric lock is required. An emergency manual key release system allows the gate to be opened in case of power failure, supplied with 2 numbered keys.
Surface Mounted
Surface Mounted

Surface Mounted
Underground Installation
Foundation Box

Gate Automation Kits Comprise of:

Underground Automation
2 x Underground Galvanized Boxes
2 x Remote Controls
2 x Photcells
1 X Control Panel 230 volt

Swing Arm Automation 24 volt or 230 volt

2 x Rams
2 x Remote Controls
2 x Photocells
1 x control Panel 230 volt
2 x Post Articulate Rams
2 x Remote Controls
2 x Photocells
1 x Control Panel 230 volt

Sliding Automation 230 volt

1 x Sliding Motor
2 x Remote Controls
2 x Photocells
1 x Control Panel 230 volt

Cantilever Kits

2 X Cantilever Carriage
2 x Galvanized Track (Tracks vary as they come in 2 sizes 3 or 6 meters, and are galvanized or painted just black)
2 x Support Wheels
2 x Meeting Points
2 x End Caps
4 x Nylon Rollers

DAITEM WIRELESS INTERCOM SYSTEM – this compliments all the kits as it is placed at the entry of the property and allows access from the gates without going to the gates, it's all done from within the house.

  • Totally wire free door/gate system
  • Portable phone for communication from house to garden to main entrance
  • No need for cables
  • Remotely unlock front door
  • 4-year battery life